BeautyoftheBass's Terms and conditions

of custom costume sale.

Payment and legality:


  1. You must be 18 or over to commission a custom creation from me.

  2. If you are 16 - 17 years old, you may request an adult to handle the commission for you. They must make payments and sign the contract.

  3. You will be asked for proof of age.

  4. For a custom costume project to be accepted into the queue, I require a 10% non refundable deposit. This secures your place in the queue, but does not mean your project will be started. Allow me to explain why this is. I do not like to take any money from my customers before I can start the project. However I need to also secure your place in the queue. Therefore, if you are not selected to be at the front of the queue, I will ask for a 10% deposit instead of a 30%. When I reach your position in the queue, I will request the rest of the 30% non-refundable amount.

  5. The total amount of the commission which is the non-refundable deposit is 30%.

  6. For a custom costume project to be started, I require at least, the 30% non-refundable deposit. This covers material costs and secures your place in the queue. Before I start your character, I will discuss payment plans with you. Whether this be a full payment made once or several payments, this needs to be discussed and agreed upon.

  7. You will not receive any of your commission, until the full amount has been paid for.

  8. Payments can be made via Paypal or Bank transfer. If you wish to pay with Paypal, I ask that you cover the fee. Bank transfer payments are preferable.

  9. Full payments are preferred when the costume commission can start, however this does not mean your costume will be completed at a faster rate than what is initially agreed upon. You will be given an estimated time period of construction. Unless a deadline is agreed upon, time of completion may change.

  10. If for some reason you disappear, cut contact or refuse to pay for the suit, I reserve the right to alter the design and sell that suit on, or destroy the creation. No refund shall be given if the suit was completed.

  11. Unrequested payments may be refunded. Production will not commence sooner as a result of an early payment. This applies to individuals who have not already made the 30% non-refundable deposit. After the 30% deposit, you may pay in your own time. Production speed MAY depend on the speed of payment.

  12. The Maximum payment time period is 18 months from the time that the 30% deposit is made. If you are further back in the queue and only paying 10%, the 18 month period does not commence until the full 30% is made. This means that the project also commences.



  1. I ship internationally and pack my creations with utmost care.

  2. Once your character has been completed, I will send you a price for postage with different shipping options. Once that has been taken care of, your character will be sent straight to you. I would advise you to allow me to place insurance on the shipping, as I am not responsible for any damages or loss during transit and will not refund you. This is something you will need to take up with the courier, so that you may receive compensation.

  3. I will never send a custom commission without it being tracked.

  4. I will provide you with proof of postage and a tracking number.

  5. You must pay the postage and insurance fee.

  6. I will not send your package via an economy service.


Application process:


  1. Quotes / price sheet estimates are not final prices until a deposit has been made and all options are discussed.

  2. Accurate quotes are only given to those who are accepted into the queue. The price sheet will give you a good idea of pricing when applying.

  3. I reserve the right to change the price of a suit until a final price is agreed or a deposit is made.

  4. Once a price is agreed on, you may upgrade, but you may not downgrade. You can request for features and upgrades to not be included, but this does not bring the final price down once a deposit is made.

  5. I reserve the right to refuse your application for any reason. Reasons for a refusal, may be any of the following.

-I feel it does not fit within my skill set or style.

-The customer has been rude, unclear or threatening.

-The application was incomplete, vague or unreadable.

-If I have reason to believe the character is stolen or heavily based on another design.

You have no right to demand a commission from me if you have completed the application form. The form is there for me to decide which creations and customers I am happy to take on.


During the creation of your character, I will supply you with ‘work in progress’ photos. If you feel something is not right, tell me straight away so that I may rectify that before I go any further. Major design changes may not be possible to change, so please be sure about your design and pay attention to the photos I sent you during creation. Changes to the character may be charged, especially if it is something that has already been completed. If you wish to upgrade a part that has not been created yet, that may be possible. Downgrading parts will not result in a price deduction as I will have already purchased or prepared the materials needed.



  1. All my custom products come with a 6month Warranty, to cover the materials and my craftsmanship. You may extend the warranty to a year with a £50 fee. The warranty covers repairs such as: Popped seams, Loose/Dislodged parts, Airbrush fading, Electrical failure/breakage.

  2. As stated above, the 30% deposit is non-refundable. However, if you decide to cancel the creation of your character, the refund will depend upon how far along I am in the process. I will decide the amount you are entitled to, and will supply reasoning for this in great detail. I will not send the unfinished costume to you if you cancel the commission, but rather redesign and sell it on, or destroy it.

  3. If you are unhappy with your product for any of the reasons listed, alterations or partial refunds are offered. (You cannot send the item back for a refund, only alterations.)

-The product does not fit.

-The product breaks down heavily within the 6 month period.

-The product is not as the photos I provided described.

I am not entitled to offer you a refund or free repair if:

-You have tampered with the product, or tried to fix a problem yourself.

-You knew about a specific aspect in the costume and agreed this was acceptable before it was sent to you.

-You don’t want the item anymore.

I will offer free repairs to your product within the 6 month period, provided postage is paid for by the customer. Repairs made to the item after this period may come with a fee.

If we agree a refund is needed, you MUST send back the item in question to me, with the postage covered by you.


Liability disclaimer:

  1. ​Once the costume has reached you, I am not liable for anything you may do in that costume. You wear the costume at your own risk and own discretion.

  2. For health and safety reasons, I will not install large speakers into your costume. If your costume has electronics installed by me, it is your responsibility to look after them and to keep them in safe working order.

  3. I am not liable for any harm that comes to you as a result of wearing my products. This includes:

-Heat stroke or heat exhaustion.

-Injury from impaired vision caused by the mask.

-Physical injury from electronics caused by miss-use or neglect.

-Injury caused by others as a result of wearing one of my costumes.


All of these can be avoided easily by taking the following advice on board.

-Prepare yourself for wearing the creation by practicing wearing it, in short sessions to learn your heat limits. Drink plenty of water and eat before performing. Perhaps even invest in cooling equipment.

-Learn your vision limitations and take extra care as a result of this.

-Look after your electronics by keeping them clean and looking for signs of wear and tear.

-Do not suit alone in public areas, but rather take people you trust along with you to protect you from any violence. Also, do not wear your costume in inappropriate areas that may take action against you for wearing a cosmetic item that conceals your face.


Rights, profit and advertisement.

  1. I reserve the right to advertise my business at any time, with any of the costumes I create. This includes everything I create, from a full costume to a pair of eyes.

  2. I can monetise the content I have created of the costume. There is no limit to this money wise. This includes photos and videos of the costume that I have taken. I do not own any photos taken by anyone else of the costume, or any content created of the costume after it leaves my hands.

  3. You may monetise your own costume, be it through pictures, video or hire. You own the right to make as much money from the costume as you like.

  4. Any efforts to claim my work as your own, be it the costume, or other content I have created, is not allowed.

  5. You may not profit from my own content created of your costume. For example, if I include a video I have taken of your costume in a monetised video, that is my right to do so.

  6. I do not own the likeness to your character, I do not own any rights to your character itself. What I do own, is the right to use the material I create of the costume that I make, of your character.

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