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Hey there, my name is Amy, AKA BeautyoftheBass!

I'm 29 years old and operate in the UK. From the day I first held a pencil, I have been drawing and creating creatures. In my journey to develop my creative skills, I came across the online costume creation community. So in 2011 I made my first costume and since then, I haven't stopped! After graduating from University with an animation Degree, I decided to start my own business. I proudly welcome you to BeautyoftheBass Creations! Enjoy your time here. :)

BeautyoftheBass is my own personal character I use to represent myself and the business. I designed and built Bass in 2015, remade in 2018... and ill remake it again because i'm not happy with it! AGAIN! Bass boasts two 8" speakers on each hip, and one 6.5" speaker on the chest. One of the most frequent questions I'm asked is, what species Bass is. Bass is a Biological/mechanical demon. (Thats a fancy way of saying 'i'm not sure!')



  • Bass has been around for a while! Their first version was in 2010, and consisted of 'random neon markings!' It took me so long to decide what colours and markings I wanted, so I just drew Bass in greyscale for a couple of years.

  • I almost dyed a bathroom yellow at a convention. Ask me in person for the full story. ;)

  • In my first year of university I got a DJ job at a club with my friend for Friday nights. It was great fun!

  • Every year it snows, I perform the bare foot snow run ritual. This consists of me filming my feet pegging it through the snow whilst grunting like a beast.

  • I LOVE Syrian hamsters. I have had 6 so far.

  • Bass was indeed inspired by the Smiler! But their story is not connected at all with the lore of the Smiler.

  • The speakers are powered by a 12V battery that will outlast me 10X over. It goes without charging for months. Once I tried to run it flat off a full charge on the speakers, playing music in an upstairs room. After 5 hours I had to turn it off people it was doing my head in. So I have no idea how long the battery will power Bass!

  • The very first Bass suit as made in 2014, in the space of 3 weeks. I hated it, and threw it in the bin shortly after I made the second version.

  • I studied at Lincoln university doing animation where I graduated with a 1st!

  • Bass canonically has a mechanical arm on their left hand side. I plan to make it one day!

  • I'm a seasoned hockey skater and DDR player.

  • I was guest of honour at Fur out West 2020! That's in Australia an i'm based in the UK. So it was a hell of a trip. I stayed there for 2 1/2 months travelling! It was incredible.

  • My favourite drink is a mojito, and Pina Colada.

  • Bass has a long backstory, which i'm still fleshing out. I will upload the story once I am confident enough to share it with the internet. I'm not very versed in writing up stories.

  • If you see me in person, don't worry... I always look confused and concerned. It's my resting thinking face.

  • I have been punched in the face whilst wearing Bass at night, by a drunk man! He came from the side of me, so I didn't see him. He swung whilst walking and didn't stop. So I didn't have time to react.

  • I have a huge crush on Blackheart from the GhostRider film. Don't judge me. You wana make me happy, watch ghost rider with me!

  • I have rented 4 workshops so far. First was on the Lincoln (UK) Highstreet. 2nd was also on the highstreet! Grand Wooden beams with a triangular roof. It was a huge workshop space and was stunning. It broke my heart to leave it. You can see it on the 'decade celebration' video on my youtube! 3rd was in an old british legion building. It was awful and flooded. My current one is a lovely ground floor in an old highstreet building!

  • One of my passions is travel! Absolutely love jumping on a plane to explore.

  • Robbie Rotten is a legend and always will be number 1.

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