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Please read before emailing!

Email below this FAQ.



I have found an account that I am suspicious about or I want to know if it is you.

Answer: This is a list of my active accounts on medias:


Facebook page:


Furaffinity under beautyofthebass.




Telegram. BeautyoftheBass (Please do not add without prompt.)

Amino: Inactive.

Discord: SmilingBass #8775 (Please do not add without prompt.)

If you find an account that is not one of these, and is claiming to be me. Please let me know. Thankyou!

I think someone is copying or claiming your work, what do I do?

Answer: Email me immediately. DO NOT attack, harass, or comment on my behalf. The matter is best handled between me and the creator of the content. There are many cases where I am perfectly fine with the work, but the creator is harassed for months before I am informed. I cannot find and police all these incidents by myself, please involve me. Please just email me, I will handle it.

If someone is trying to profit from my designs or logo, I can issue a cease and desist. Thank you for reading.

Please bare in mind the following:

  • I do not own the concept of speaker suits. People are allowed to install speakers.

  • I do not own the concept of Smiler inspired characters.

  • I do not own the large toothy grinning characters.

What I do get upset about is people taking my character likeness, to the point of where it is very obviously a ripoff. I understand this definition is different for everyone, so please just let me know before acting. :)

Question 1: Are commissions open and how do I apply?

Answer: Commission openings will be posted on the Facebook page, Twitter, and instagram. It will also be posted in this website. You can apply by clicking the link that will be posted on the mediums, which will take you to an application form. It is not a first come first serve application, but there will be a deadline for submissions.

Question 2: Can I send you a picture of my character for a custom quote?

Answer: Not at the moment, It is impossible to quote until I next open and figure out pricing.

QUESTION 2.1: Can I send you a picture of my character, to see if you like it or not?

ANSWER: No, please do not do this. I cannot give you an accurate idea of whether you would be accepted 

into the queue or not, as I will be selecting a certain few, out of how many applications I receive. For example, even if I really like yours, I might have 10 more applications which I like even more. If I am only accepting 10, then I'm afraid yours would not be accepted.

Question 3: Can I reserve and pay for a slot for when you do open?

Answer: That is not how my application or business works, I do not sell slot positions.

Question 4: Will I be guaranteed a costume slot if my application goes through?

Answer: As much as it destroys me to turn people down, I do not operate on a first come first serve basis. This is because I pick which designs I want to work on and which designs I believe will look great in my style / method of making. Being turned down does not mean I do not like your design, it may mean I simply don't want to make it.

Question 5: Can I commission you if I am under the age of 18?

Answer: Those who are under the age of 18 are unable to sign the contract with me. However, if you are aged 16 to 17, you may get a parent or guardian to sign and pay for you. If you are 15 and under, I cannot accept any custom commission work from you.

Question 6: Can I make a suit with speakers in, or a voice changer?

Answer: Of course you can, it is not my concept to own! The only thing I ask of you, is to not make a design that looks like Bass. This includes taking the key anatomical traits that Bass has, as Bass is not part of a species.

Question 7: Can we talk and be friends?

Answer: These emails make me feel quite guilty and uncomfortable, as I have to turn them down. I appreciate the good intentions but I much prefer to make friends in person. Please bare in mind that you do not know me, and just because we may share some interests, does not mean we would be great friends.

Question 8: Is Bass an open or closed species?

Answer: Neither, Bass is a stand alone character. Please refrain from trying to make a character tied to Bass.

Question 9: Can you teach me or advise me on costume production or other creative skills?

Answer: If it is a specific issue, yes, pease do feel free to ask. If it is a more broad question, look for tutorials online, of which there is a plethora of online. I do not have time to explain everything I know.

Question 10: Can you tell me how to install and make speakers systems.

Answer: No I cannot, how I do it is not advised and I am still looking for other methods.

Question 11: My merchandise has not arrived yet, please advise.

Answer: Please send me an email with your order number or name.

If you still wish to email me, please send your message to:


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