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The 2018 Christmas Haul was by far the biggest and most ambitious merch sale I have done to date. The Haul included two sublimated products (Socks and jigsaws,) of which I printed myself, but also had to buy all the equipment for as it was my first time doing sublimation! For the first time, I had embroidered hats and patches up for grabs. 3 button badges, 1 key ring, fuzz features keyring, lazer cut husky chain, temporary tattoos, signed print and sweet. Along with a scratch card in every package which had a chance to win a free head!

The packaging was also designed and made by myself. The naughty sacks were sewn together, it took a whole day for those! Nasty crackers were a nightmare, they had to be cut out by hand. Thankfully I did have a little help with that. A couple of assistants also helped with the badge production and packaging. As for the rest of it... I was stood packaging everything for a whole week!

This was also the fasted selling merchandise I have ever released! I was late, again, putting them up for sale. They were up at 2am GMT. I went to sleep. Woke up at 11:00 am, sold out! I couldn't believe it! Very grateful to everyone who supported this!

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