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Taking from the ideas of 2018, I released the naughty or nice range for 2019 Christmas. However this time, instead of having a tiered structure I made two different packages. Every piece in the package was an naughty or nice version of eachother. Even the sweets!

This merch push was not as labour intensive as 2018, however it was fraught with problems. My sublimation printer was fighting me everyday, delaying the socks and jigsaws! The pin badges were delayed by 2weeks without notice. 10 Jigsaws came damaged, and so needed to wait for replacements. The normal printer started leaving black streaks on the prints so I needed to pay a company to do them, which look LONGER. The wooden decorations were delayed in the post. It was... a bloody stressful time!

The socks were hand printed by myself, as were the jigsaws. I wrapped and packaged everything by hand too. Even the sweets. I had to disassemble the jigsaws by hand and pack them into the sacks. The presents then took 12 hours to pack all of them. 100 in total.

However, this turned out to be the most organised bundle in the postage process! Everything was packaged ready, and sent within 2 days of each purchase. Nailed it! Also, every package was sent tracked, and every single one has arrived to the owner. To my knowledge of course!

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