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This rather quaint package was released in the summer of 2020. During this time, like many others, I was struggling both mentally and financially. I wanted to release a package, however I wanted something smaller and more affordable. Plus, I wanted to create a bundle with heart, something to lift people's spirits and even their friends if they choose to share. And so, the Care package was conceived!

A lot of thought went into these. I decided against an aesthetic theme for this one, going for a mish mash of tastes instead. I thought that a mashup of themes would make it easier to share with friends who have different interests. The pins were also made with sharing in mind, one pair for each friend, representing the solidarity and patience of people during the lockdowns. Earrings were included too, the first ones I have sold! I may have kept a pair of each... The overall packaging was rather rustic and comforting. I wrapped each one in brown paper and string, with products inside packages in a small box and fabric bags. Each package had been hand spray painted too. I wanted people to feel good opening their bundle. This included quite the personal touch too. In each one, I had hand written a little wisdom note. Little lessons I have learned in life, and ideas I wanted to share with people. These were wax sealed away in a brown paper envelope.

This one was very therapeutic for me. Like many other people, I was struggling with the year we were having. This gave me something to focus on, something to create again. When these went live, they sold out within 2 hours! The fastest sales yet, it really picked me up. The responses I got from the customers really picked me up too.

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