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Terms and conditions of commissioning BeautyoftheBass for Artwork services.

You must have a clear reference and be able to pay immediately. I reserve the right to refuse the commission request for any reason. Payment must be made in full. Once the commission is completed, the commission is non-refundable.

I will supply WIPS on each step of the commission, in order of the tiers. Therefore, you must voice if something is wrong with the commission before it is complete. Changes cannot be made once the commission is finished.

You must be 18 or over to commission me.

Please be thorough with your description if you want something very particular. I will email you to contact you about your commission, with WIPS and updates. So please check them regularly. Or, you may supply me with Facebook messenger, twitter, or telegram contact.

There will be no deadlines agreed to. I will accept a small amount, and reopen when I complete that batch. A link to the progress trello will be provided if I accept your commission. But do not worry, I will only decline a commission if it is inappropriate or breaks the rules I have set out. I will not be refusing commissions based on character design. I may however refuse a commission if the form is filled out poorly, so please take care in filling it out!

Cheers for reading, you may proceed...

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