So what is this all about?


The party

Own the arena for an evening of music, social fun and tasty treats.

Whether you want to get on the ice or watch from the stands, the choice is yours!

 We will create a safe and fun environment for our community to partake in this unique event. That's why the venue will have a strict entry procedure where only people with valid tickets will be allowed in.

- - Fursuit, cosplay and fancy dress allowed!

we cannot allow fursuit heads on the ice. However, masks are allowed if you have most of your vision. We encourage fursuits to attend if you wish to suit up in the venue for videos / photos. You may even skate in your suit body without your head.

get your groove on!

we will be turning up the volume and turning down the lights. There will be a good mix of genres for everyone to enjoy.


The venue

We are hosting at Altrincham's Ice arena.

This is a venue which houses all manner of events, but they haven't ever seen anything like this before!

- Access to the function rooms and changing rooms, for storage and changing!

- Food and drinks bar.

- AMAZING location!

- Want to stay over night? the Travelodge or Premier Inn are both within walking distance.

- Altrincham leaves you spoiled for choice. Bars, restaurants, retail and entertainment options are a plenty.

- This is a large venue, plenty of space!



- Photography / videography.

We will be filming the event, on and off the ice. Photos will only be taken with permission. If you do not wish to be in any footage, let us know.

- goodie bag.

will be given to you on attendance. This will include some skating 'must haves', treats and some event exclusive merch!

- Free soft drinks will be provided at the pre-event meet.

- Physical tickets mailed to you.

- Skate hire if you need skates.

- Telegram group for you to join.


The day,
The evening.

We booked the earliest slot of 16:00 - 18:30. Which leaves us a few hours before hand to fill with some more activities.

- When you book, you will have the choice to join a telegram group. In this group, we will be organising group bookings for restaurants.

- With there being multiple entertainment options, groups may want to branch out into other places too.
- we will be holding a pre - event meet in the park. This is a 6 min walk from the venue, I timed it! At this meet and greet, you will be able to meet the staff and other attendees. If you are coming alone, it is advised you attend this to get to know people before you take to the ice.

- To avoid delays at the door, the pre - event meet will serve as ticket / ID checking. we will check your tickets and provide a wrist band. 

- Tickets may be bought on the door with valid ID.

The Location.

Here we are! I have marked out the venue and two hotels. Location for the pre-event meet up will be marked out later. There is a tesco extra, 2 mins away and a plethora of food / drink venues just over the tracks. This area Altrincham is very quaint and diverse in the retail and eatery options. When I visited, it felt very up market and smart. The location is the main reason why I booked Altrincham. It's more out the way than I would have liked, but I simply could not find a location more accommodating for travellers and locals!

The gif below shows how close the rink is to the ice-rink. How cool is that?!