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Welcome! For the first time, I am opening up a custom creation slot for auction! This is different to applying for a slot normally, as applications are not first come first serve. I review the applications and select which ones I am happy to work on. If you have queries, you may head HERE for the FAQ.

This auction slot will land you and your design idea a guaranteed slot which will begin production this year, after my current queue which is very small.


Additional rules for this auction are as follows:

  • Auction price is listed in GBP.

  • The tier brackets are: £900 head / £1600 partial / £2050 Plantigrade £2900 Full digitigrade.

  • Depending on the finishing price, there may be extra charges for your design IF there are very extravagant features. For example, large wings, large horns and an extreme amount of markings.

  • Payment plans accepted. Maximum payment term is 18 months.

  • 30% of the final price is to be paid as a non-refundable deposit within 10 days of the auction finishing. You may pay more at any point, or pay in full.

  • Designs that resemble Bass will not be accepted. Copyrighted characters are not accepted either.

  • All species are accepted apart from Protogens and Ampwaves. I cannot support the tech needed in these characters at this time.

  • I will not be offering speaker systems or voice changers.

  • As always, I prefer to work on scary, creepy, odd, gory and crazy designs. However, this is a guaranteed slot, therefore I will work on your design regardless. As long as it keeps within the rules stated above.

  • Any location for shipping is allowed. Collection in person is an option if you are based in the UK.

  • Payment is to be made over paypal or bank transfer. Fees will be added if paypal is preferred.

  • You will be asked to sign a contract which protects both me and you.

  • All normal rules apply to this commission slot, apart from certain upgrade options as most will be included in the auction price.

  • Your commission will start after I have completed the suits that are already on my list. I am looking to resume work in September. I can guarantee work will start in 2020. As I start work on the winning slot, I will start accepting the new queue.

  • Changes to the design will be charged, please be sure that you are happy with the design.

  • Please have a clear character reference ready. You do not need a reference if you wish for the slot to be an artistic liberty suit.

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