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Estimated posting date 15th December.

Latest Posting date 20th December.

Welcome! I decided to give this a go, as we could all do with a good bit of cheer this year. With how things are at the moment, I am not able to host a huge free for all secret Santa. Therefore I have decided to host one for traders only, this means you must be actively selling your products. This is strictly for businesses, fursuit makers and crafters that sell their wears. This is also not a digital Secret Santa, physical items must be sent. Because of this, I am limiting it to UK and Ireland ONLY.


  • You must be an active fursuit maker, craft business or reputable crafter actively selling. This is not a free for all secret santa, I must look after the people who enter, by making sure that their crafting efforts will be matched with another.

  • You must be actively selling your crafts. A website, gallery and facebook page would be useful.

  • You must be based in the UK / Ireland. This is to avoid unexpected shipping costs. You may find your price estimates for shipping here: .

  • Shipping across to the UK and Ireland for a small parcel, 1kg, tracked, is £13.55. Shipping within the same country for the same package, average around £5-6. If the International shipment price is too much for you, mark the box in the form provided.

  • The value should be around £15-25. You may go higher if you wish, but please not too high! Try to keep this simple, thoughtful and fun!

  • Physical items only. Badges are allowed but must be printed out and presented as such.

  • Please send all packages via a tracked service.

  • This is a SFW event.

  • Entrants must be 18 or over.

  • Entry Deadline is the 28th of November.

  • You must keep your Secret Santa... SECRET!

How it's going to work:

  • Fill out the form only for yourself, I will be in touch via your email shortly to confirm identity.

  • Please provide your business / page / website email associated with your business.

  • I will be assigning everyone a number on raffle paper, and will draw the numbers out of a box at random.

  • To avoid upset, I will be making sure people are happy with their match and happy to create something for them. Just incase you receive your mortal enemy! :O

  • You will have your secret Santa target latest on the 1st of December.

  • You have until the 20th of December to create something fun for your secret Santa! This is the creations AND postage deadline.

  • Within the package, make sure you provide your business identity! Let them know who has sent them some great stuff!

  • The recommended post date be the 15th of December. Just to make sure it arrives in time.

  • For the full effect, leave your present until Christmas day!

  • Keep an eye on the package tracking, to make sure there are no issues. If you want me to send your target a tracking number, you can email me to let me know!

IF for some reason you need to opt out, let me know ASAP. Do not stay silent and leave your secret Santa without a gift. That is cruel. Let me know, and I will see about compensating them myself.

Things to be aware of:

  • You will be required to provide your address, or business address. This information will be shared with your secret Santa only. And of course me!

  • You may not know your Secret Santa target.. So do be sure to have a little scout to see what they like, what their style is and to generally have an idea of what to send. Or perhaps you may want to send some of your usual work, that's fine too!

  • I will be making sure there is a standard of craft here. This shouldn't apply to anyone within these terms. It's just to make sure that someone does not receive a stick man on a laminated piece of paper!

  • Take a look at package dimension limits, regarding postage. Make sure you are comfortable with postage price!


HAVE FUN! And abide by the rules...

I look forwards to contacting you, pairing you, and watching the magic happen on Christmas day. :)

I will be contacting you on this email, you may contact me on this one too should you need to:

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