The coolest night of August awaits you. Please read the following terms before purchasing and also make sure you fill in the information correctly as your ticket will be sent to you.


After purchase, you will recieve an email inviting you to the telegram group. This will not be immediate.


Can't wait to see you there!


- These tickets are non refundable. In the event that the party must be cancelled, you will recive a partial refund.

- Tickets will be dispatched 2 weeks prior to the event date.

- This is an 18+ event, you will be required to show ID at the door or at the pre-event meet.

- This is a ticketed event. Tickets can be bought on the door but you will be turned away if you do not have ID.

- Should you loose your ticket, you will be supplied with a second ticket which will be marked as such. Tickets will have your name on them.

- Should you loose your ticket on the way to the venue, or if your ticket gets lost in the post, you will need to show your proof of payment via email.

- Online ticket sales close 10 days before the event.

- Doors open 16:00. The resurface of the ice will commence at the same time, which gives us time to get settled, sorted and skated!

- Articales which are not allowed on the ice:

  • Long tails
  • Fursuit HEADS.
  • Medium - Large wings
  • Costume parts which can become dislodged.
  • Long, trailing parts which could get caught or tanglled.
  • Heavy digitigrade padding
  • Dropped crotch
  • Phones and cameras. Our photographers will be recording on ice. You may have someone film you if they are off ice.

- You are welcome to not skate AT ALL! If you want to come to socialise and experience the event without skating, that's great! If you want to fursuit around the venue and not skate, thats cool!

- All costumes are welcome! Please consider coming with costumes other than fursuits too! It would be amazing to see variation.

- No outside food and drink allowed inside to venue aside from the soft drink provided by us.

- Skates will be provided at the venue if you do not have any. If this applies to you, PLEASE bring 2 pairs of extra socks. Some hire boots can rub if they don't fit perfectly. I want you to have fun, this means not worrying about your feet hurting!

- Treat the venue with respect and cleanliness. There will be a session after ours, so please use the bins and clean up after yourselves.

- Be respectful and understanding of other people on the ice.

- Dress for the venue. It may be summer, but the venue will be cold. Bring a jumper, and maybe a pair of trousers if you are travelling in shorts. It is not advised to skate with shorts.

- Please read the venue's own terms of service as these also apply:

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