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Hold your horses!

I must stress the importance of reading through the previous page's contents and also my terms of service, before submitting an application.

Terms and conditions.

Please take the time to create a rough estimation of the project you have in mind. This is needed in the application form.

Prices are here, scroll down for two suit examples.

Some points to remember before submitting an application:

  • This is not a quote form.

  • Please be sure you wish to apply for a commission before submitting an application.

  • You are not guaranteed a slot of you submit a form.

  • Applications close 14th April, 12am Uk time.

  • I am situated in the UK. International customers need to be aware of import tax changes.

  • All of my prices on the form and price list are in GBP.

  • You will receive an email to confirm I have received your application, this will not be instant. You will also receive an email with my response when the time comes.

  • I will be looking over the applications carefully and considering who to take on. I will make sure I come to a decision and send my responses before the end of April.

  • Updates will be posted on Twitter, Facebook page and Instagram.

  • Take your time!

Finally, I thank you very much for your interest and application. Proceed...

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