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Welcome to the price guide! All prices are in Great British Pounds (GBP). Please use an online currency converter to read in your currency. Prices are per item, upgrades are added on.
All prices are an estimation, but give a good idea of how much your character may cost. Accurate quote are only given to applicants who are considered, through the application process.
Take a read through the terms and conditions here before applying: TERMS AND CONDITIONS.

HEADS. (Head only).

Each head is sketched to the customers liking, to work out shaping, expression and concepts. A custom template is then printed out from the sketch, making each head completely unique. No head uses a base, and each one is hand sculpted from scratch.

Heads are mostly, one size fits all. But a couple of measurements from the customers head will be requested.

Each head has a large mouth cavity carved into it, for exceptional ventilation which also allows for a bit of extra visibility through the mouth.

The starting price for heads is currently: £1000 GBP

The starting price includes and consists of:

  • Balaclava base with elastic structure.

  • Attempted moving jaw. (Works better with long jaw lines).

  • Vinyl nose.

  • Plush tongue.

  • Basic teeth / basic gums.

  • 3D Following eyes.

  • Airbrushing.

  • Neck zipper.

  • Small to medium sized ears. With either ribbing or realistic wrinkles included.

Image 1:

Simple marking complexity: +£0

Simple teeth gums: +£0

Small horns: £30-£50 Depending on horns and materials.

Image 2:

Medium marking complexity: +£30 - 80

Detailed Hard material jawset: +£50 - 100

Medium horns or medium amount of horns: £50 - 100

Depending in material.

Image 3:

High marking complexity: +£80 - £200

Large teeth / tusk / high detailed jawset / faux leather jawset: +£60 - £150

Large horns / high amount: +£100 - 200

Depending on material.

PLEASE NOTE: Complexity is NOT measured on how many colours you have, but the level of markings.

MAXIMUM increase of price based on head AND neck complexity is £200

Head upgrade options.

Jawsets can be upgraded to faux leather at any size. Pricing can be discussed.

LEDS: £30 - £80.

Large Ears: £30 - £100 depending on design complexity.

Beaks can be soft or hard. May need to outsource a hard beak: £50 +

Piercings / bars / jewellery: £30+

Roof of mouth details / ribbing / silicone: £30

Removable tongues: £30 + Depending on size, design and amount.

Gore and blood silicone effects: £30+ Depending on amount.

Drool and goo silicone effects: £30+

NFT fur upgrade. (Long hair like fur perfect for Mohawks, manes and accents: £70+

PARTIALS. (Head, hands, tail.)

Partials start at £1500

Each Body is double stitched using an industrial lockstitch walking foot machine, using thick jean like thread. Seams are extremely strong and hard wearing. Both long and short pile furs are used to accentuate body shape and for stunning visual effects.

The maximum increase for complexity in markings for the body and feet, is £600. This is for EXTREME complexity, for example, a realistically striped tiger.

Further body upgrades are available:

  •  ​STILTS can be added to the costume. The only stilts I will purchase on behalf of you will be the 'Area51 Digileg stilts.' These cost £750 GBP including tax and shipping here in the UK. They are uk built to order, to your size. The cost to create your costume around these stilts is not yet known, however I will estimate the total cost and the stilts and this upgrade will be over £1100.


  • LEDs in Body are a possibility but will be pricey.

  • Pouches: £50

  • Internal pockets: £10 each

  • Large digitigrade / drop crotch: £50 - 100

  • Muscle padding: £50+

  • Belly padding / structure: £50+

  • Spikes: £20+

  • NFT accents: £70+ depending on amount of fur required.

  • Arm wings upgrade: £150+ Depending on wing complexity.

Paws / Hands / Claws.

I offer 4 different types of hand styles. Standard paws, feral puffy paws, claw hands, beast hands.

Standard paws.

No extra base cost. Extra may be added for complexity.

  • 4 digits only.

  • Hard claws or faux leather claws.

  • Faux leather paw pads.

  • Lined, hemmed and stuffed.

  • Airbrushed if requested

  • Cuticles +£30


Feral Puffy paws.

Extra cost for type. Extra may be added for complexity.

  • 4 digits only. Dew claw added at £50.

  • Hard claws or faux leather claws.

  • Faux leather paw pads.

  • Lined hemmed and stuffed.

  • Airbrushed if requested.

  • Cuticles +£30

Claw hands.

No extra base cost. Extra may be added for complexity.

  • 2/3/4/5 digits available:

  • Stuffed faux leather claws.

  • Can be short or very long.

  • Paw pad can be added.

  • Lined hemmed and stuffed.

Beast Hands.

Extra cost for type. Extra may be added for complexity.

  • Large boney fingers.

  • 4 or 5 digits.

  • Hard or soft claws. Recommended soft for more size.

  • Silicone detailing sometimes.

  • Harder structure for better, sharper shapes.

  • Semi articulated.

  • Padded in places, lined, hemmed.


All tails have a hidden zipper, so they may be unstuffed for washing. Fleeced lined webbing makes the the belt loops, for extreme strength and durability.

Unfortunately, tails have too much variation for me to accurately quote on complexity. An accurate tail quote will only be given through application forms. This chart simply shows the price the each size of tail will start at.

Feathers / spikes / pockets / webs can be added at extra cost.


Any upgrade you see with the golden symbol next to it, means I love to do the upgrade. This improves the applicants chance of being accepted. Keep an eye out!

Full digitigrade costume. (Head, hands, feet, body and tail.)

Price starts at £3100

Feet paws alone are not currently offered on commission.



Depending on detail, material and size, wings are to be independently evaluated on price. Most wings will include a custom made padded harness.

LED installation is a possibility.

  • Faux leather feathers combines with fur.

  • Webbed wings can use a plethora of materials.

  • Small wings can be added various other areas.

  • Bone and mech wings can be discussed as an option.

Cerberus style extra heads or double faces.

I will attempt these! Although I cannot put a price on this without discussing various options with you.

Extra limbs.

I will attempt these! Although I cannot put a price on this without discussing various options with you.

Quad suits.

A commission may be accepted IF the commissioner is happy to let me take my time and figure out a strong, reliable and safe way of constructing them.

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