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BeautyoftheBass creations.

Custom creation opening 2021.

Welcome to the 2021 custom costume creation opening. I first must thank you for your interest, or perhaps even just curiosity! If you are considering applying for an application, please familiarise yourself with how this process works. I have outlines everything you need to know below. Also, please take time to read through my TOS.


You cannot reserve a slot ahead of time, everyone must go through the application process and everything is being recorded on an orderly manner.

Will I be guaranteed a slot if I apply?

With a very heavy heart, you will not be guaranteed a costume slot if your application goes through.

As much as it destroys me to turn people down, I do not operate on a first come first serve basis.

What is the application process there for? Why not first come first serve?

I am looking to steer my business in a certain direction, away from 'fursuit' and more towards creature costumes. Also, i'm trying to get into horror and performance areas, as I wish to appeal to studios and projects out side of the fandom. This means, choosing which designs will better train my skills and take me into the direction I am planning. The questions in this application form will also give me a better understanding of who I may be working with, and what they want the achieve with their costume. Next I will explain what I am looking for, and things that will turn me off the idea of working with your project. However, you may have a design I like, but 10 more people may apply who's designs fit my agenda even better. I have no idea who will apply, and with what design, therefore it is impossible to tell with looking at a design alone right now. That is why I refuse to evaluate the chances of a character being accepted, as I simply don't know.

Guilt tripping and emotionally persuasive language will not make your application more attractive. The absolute worst part for me also is refusing applications. I truly wish I could work with everyone who is passionate about my work, however this is simple impossible. I am selecting applications based on mostly design. Bare in mind, I am also looking for people who are passionate about my work, performance and the creative process. So don’t hold back any passion, but please do not attempt to tug at my heart strings.

Things I look for in a design and application:

- A well written and thought out application form.

- A clear reference of the character in question with a strong idea of concept and direction the client wishes me to go in.

- On the other hand, I am looking for artistic liberty suits. These will be done on an 'offer me a price' basis.

- Interesting, scary, gory, unique, tricky and extravagant designs will have more of a chance to go through.

- I am wanting to do pear shape body / belly suit, so will be looking for that opportunity!


- Silicone drool, skin and gore effects. This does not require lots of mold making, therefore I am more than happy to do this.

- Willingness to go the extra mile for the extra effects and will be happy to push the boat out with me, as i'm wanting to push myself.

- Unique species, uncommon species and hybrids.

- Mutations, extra parts, double jaws, double faces, scars.

- Long fur accents, manes and mohawks with the NFT fur upgrade.

Things I am not looking for:

- A very blank and hastily written application form. Take your time.

- Begging, guilt tripping or persuasive language. This is extremely hard for me as it is, as I want to make one for everyone who wants one. But I cannot, therefore I must be picky and choose the designs that I believe will steer my business in the direction I want it to go. It will break my heart to turn people down, please don't make it harder for me.

- I do not wish to be making basic designs, for example, a standard fox. I may make an exception if the fox is a zombie, or has a particular horror direction in mind.

- Cute characters. I may make an exception if I am very fond of the idea or design. But this is rare.

- Speaker systems and voice changers. I cannot offer these at my current skill level.

- Huge wings, I am not at a point where I can offer these confidently.

- Requests for custom resin and silicone sculpted parts made by myself. I can outsource these parts but cannot offer them made by myself at this time.

- Long payment plans. From the date of deposit paid, it should take no longer than18 months+.

- Designs that look like Bass.

- Protogens / ampwaves. I cannot facilitate those at my current skill level and knowledge. I MAY consider an ampwave, however no tech will be installed aside from lights.

- Furring bases bought elsewhere or completing projects.

What am I taking on?

I am accepting the following combinations:

Head only.

Head + Hand paws
Head + Hand paws + Tail
Full costume commission
Wings only
Tail only
Plantigrade feet only
Everything but head combination


I am not accepting the following combinations:

Body only

Digitigrade body only (UNLESS colour matches are found and confirmed).

Digitigrade feet only

Paws only

Small parts only, like ears, noses, head bases, claws ect.




PLEASE NOTE: If you do not commission a head from me, you will be classed as having a 'parts' commission. When it comes to the telegram group and official listings, I prefer to keep it to people who own at least a head from me. If I included every other part, it would be over run.

Will I be able to pay via a payment plan?

Short answer: YES! This will be discussed with each client and will help me organise the queue.

Long answer:

I do accept payment plans! However they are a little different. This will be something I will discuss with you to work out a plan that works for both of us. Please bare in mind that I do not like accepting payments beyond the deposit for a suit I can’t start work on yet. If you do not wish to make a large payment or pay in full, I will prefer to put you later in the queue to give you time to save up. I will now explain in bullet points, how I am operating:


- I am working by making two projects at a time.


- I will accept the 30% deposit minimum of the first few suits in the queue. The first few will probably be the ones that pay in full.


- The rest of the queue will pay the 30% deposit ONLY for holding their place in the queue and also for materials.


When I get to someone’s place in the queue, I will open up the payments and prefer the client to make a considerable contribution to the rest of the payment. As there will have been time for the client to save up. This depends on their place in the queue of course, and this will be a case my case situation. Please do not let this be daunting at all, I am very flexible and understanding when it comes to payments. If for some reason you cannot pay as quickly as you thought, I may pause production and commence another project. It is no trouble, just let me know.


I will be organising the queue based on how long the client wishes to take paying the suit off. I do not wish to be accepting payments on a costume I am not currently working on, I dislike doing this. For example, if someone wishes to have a year payment plan, I would prefer to put them late in the queue. This way they can save the money over the space of the year, and make a larger payment when the costume is started. This way I can keep track of money easier.

The total amount for the non refundable deposit is 30% of the total price. This will be agreed on in the contract we will both sign before payments and production commence. This secures your place in the queue and also funds the materials, of which I will be purchasing as soon as we agree on what is being used.


The sensation sweeping that nation. Due to postage / duty / import tax rubbish that is going on, I must caution international customers. I do not know how much it will be to get your costume into your country. I am happy to take on international customers of course, but I please do some research on the current situation with regards to expensive goods. I am not responsible for any tax, duty or additional unexpected postal expenses that may occur. My job is to pack the costume in a safe manner. We will both discuss the courier options when time comes, and appropriate insurance.

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